Saudi Lucy is capable of producing wide range of Ring Main Units (RMUs) in Oil and SF6 medium,Overhead load break switches,fuse cutouts,disconnector,Sourcing Earth Fault Indicator in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Ring Main Units can be classified on the basis of medium use inside the units.Oil RMUs are replaced by the modern SF6 and Vacuum dielectric medium.Even though still Saudi Lucy has a lot of orders for the Oil Type.Since it is the cheapest and robust model.

Automation of RMU are vital for the Electricity Board to reduce overall cost of maintenance,man intervention,time consumption to clear the fault,remote monitoring,isolation of network.Saudi Lucy provides a vital role and research for providing new technology and method to the countries Electrical company.

Here are the classification of Saudi Lucy’s products based on our customer point of view

Sl No.  Unit Name
1 SF6 Fused Ring Main Units-(Indoor/Outdoor/Transformer Connected)
2 SF6 Circuit Breaker Ring Main Units-(Indoor/Outdoor/Transformer Connected)
3 Oil Fused Ring Main Units 
4 Metering Units 
5 Overhead Load Break Switches
6 Automation

Non standard application and units are provided based on the customer correspondence and design.Saudi Lucy help contractor/consultant to meet the technical sound solution and quality product with cheapest cost.

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What is Ring Main Units(RMUs)?

Distribution networks are normally formed by interconnecting a number of ring shaped grids. Distribution transformers are then connected to the system by T-offs. Instead of specifying and selecting individual components required for a T-off, the required components are frequently available in an integrated package known as a ring-main unit (RMU).

Ring-main units normally consist of switches on both sides of the T-off, one to open the ring and another at the connection to the distribution transformer using one of the following:

  • Switch and a fuse separately
  • Switch-fuse combination
  • Circuit breaker   

The earthing switch of the transformer is also usually integrated into the RMU. Each component must first be certified to the IEC Standard applicable to that component.

To insure the safety of the overall design, internal arcing tests performed according to IEC 62271-200.



Ground Mounted Secondary Switchgear




The latest design from Lucy Switchgear & Saudi Lucy, the “AEGIS” is a panel style ring main unit designed for front  entry cabling. Available for indoor type secondary distribution applications. Utilizing vacuum circuit breakers,  “AEGIS” has been designed for long service life and virtually zero maintenance.


Sabre RMU

The Sabre ring main unit range includes fully extensible and non-extensible options, providing the full  range  of  solutions  required  for  a  secondary  distribution  system.  The  equipment  is  fully weatherproof  for  outdoor  use,  incorporates  vacuum  circuit  breaker  technology  and  has  been designed for long service life with virtually zero maintenance.


Trident FRMU

The Trident range of oil insulated extensible and non-extensible ring main units has been developed over  a number  of  years  and is  a leading  performer  in  the  global  market. For  both  rural and industrial applications, this equipment, incorporating HV fuse protection, can be positioned in the most extreme of outdoor conditions with ambient temperatures from -10ºC to 55ºC.


HV Metering Units

For HV (High Voltage) metering applications, the AMU (Air Insulated Metering Unit) is designed for use with the  latest Sabre VRN2a (250A) and VRN6a (400/630A) Ring Main Units, but is also compatible with the full Sabre RMU family, including the extensible units.

Switchgear Automation

Gemini- Remote Terminal Unit 2

The G2-RTU has been specifically designed for the control and monitoring of both ground and pole mounted MV (Medium Voltage) switchgear. This highly versatile interface is based on an open and modular  architecture,  supporting  different  communication  protocols  and  media  and  includes advanced features such as battery monitoring and integral FPI (Fault Passage Indicator) to name a few.



The  Gemini-DC  is  a  stand  alone  device  acting  as  a  SCADA  (Supervisory  Control  and  Data Acquisition)  front   end  processor  and  performing  key  functions  such  as  data  capture  and monitoring,  simple  control  of  serial   ports,  protocol  conversion  and  data  consolidation  for transmission over Ethernet.



Based on a high level SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) programming language and field-proven technology, the Gemini software architecture combines flexibility and scalability. An ideal solution to implement your Distribution Automation requirements.


Retrofit Actuation

Lucy Switchgear has many years experience in the design of reliable retrofit actuators to suit many RMU (Ring Main  Unit) applications and providing Electricity Utilities with a cost-effective and reliable alternative to complete asset replacement of existing switchgear.


Technical Support & Project Management

Lucy Switchgear offers a comprehensive range of after sales services such as technical support, spares and repairs to consultancy and turnkey packages. From initial system design and integration works to on-site commissioning to handover, Lucy Switchgear provides all the necessary expertise to successfully complete your Automation projects.



Rural and Substation Disconnectors

Rapier RX

The Rapier RX range incorporates a modular design switch that can be configured to suit a variety of applications. Combining high performance and reliability, the Rapier RX rocking type switch can be a key element in rural distribution networks.


Rapier GX

Based on the latest developments in SF6 switchgear technology, the GX combines high performance and reliability. The GX Load break Switch can be manually operated or motorised for sectionalising, automation and remote control to suit your network requirements.


Rapier DSB

The Rapier Double Side Break ‘DSB’ range provides a powerful and cost effective solution for isolating a series of circuits and equipment in substation applications. Based on open terminal air break technology, the Rapier DSB range combines robustness and alignment reliability.

Dropout Fuse Units

The fused cutout is a rewirable dropout expulsion fuse. This unit provides a reliable and economic protection of distribution lines and transformers together with a visual indicationof operation and positive disconnection from supply. Each single phase unit can be attended from ground level with a  multi-sectional permaglass  portable  operating  pole,  these  poles  are  available  in  a  variety  of lengths to suit.


MV Removable Isolating Links

The MV isolating links provide a reliable and economic solution for the isolation of overhead distribution lines  and transformers, together with a visual indication of operation and positive disconnection from supply. Each single phase link unit can be attended from ground level with a multi-sectional permaglass, portable operating pole; these poles are available in a variety of lengths to suit.





Power Connectors


Lucy Switchgear has in depth knowledge in providing substation connectors up to 145kV and accessories.   Designed   to   interface   with   all   associated   products   including   circuit   breakers, disconnectors, voltage transformers and sealing ends, our connectors are ideal for new build and refurbishment projects.


Busbars and Insulators

We can provide Aluminium and Copper Busbar for 33, 66, 132kV applications to BS159 Aluminium

Busbar Tube E91E TF BS2898 Copper Busbar Tube C101 HDHC BS2871


275kV Connector

275kV – 2000amp Copper Connectors complete with Corona Rings


Low Voltage Distribution



Manufactured from pre-galvanised 2mm sheet steel, with watershed top and front access door Outdoor – IP43  degree of protection Manual operation – IP2XB Operator protection in open and closed positions


Fuse distribution

Freestanding or transformer coupled to ENA TS 35-2 via ‘F’ type flange to BS2562 Complies with requirements  of  ENA  TS  37-2  2.5mm  pre-galvanised  sheet  steel  enclosure  with  weatherproof watershed top and front access door


Indoor LV

Designed for indoor, floor or wall mounting Up to 12 outgoing ways 1600 amp main busbar ratings

1600 amp 3 phase 4 wire pole operated incoming ‘off-load’ isolators

Mini Pillars

Manufactured from 2mm stainless sheet steel, mounted on a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) root. Polyester stove  enamelled textured paint finished in admiralty grey to BS 381C shade no. 632

Outdoor – IP43 degree of protection



Accepts BS 88 J type fuse links and fuse handle links Handle manufactured in glass reinforced polyester Available in 83mm or 92mm centres Handle operation by wedge tightening thumb screws


MSDB – Horizontal Busbar Arrangement


Vertical Busbar Arrangement. Enclosure manufactured in 1.2mm zinc coated steel. Polyester stove enamelled textured paint finished grey to BS381C shade No 632. Suitable for wall mounting.




Accepts BS (British Standard) 88 J type fuse links and fuse handle links Handle manufactured in glass  reinforced  polyester  Available  in  83mm  or  92mm  centres  Handle  operation  by  wedge tightening thumb screws.


House Service


SP/SPNE Accepts fuse links in accordance with BS (British Standard) 1361 : 1991 Maximum rating type  IIa  fuse  60A/80A  Maximum  rating  type  IIb  fuse  100A  Non  interchangeable  solid  link disconnector available Tested and approved to BS (British Standard) 7657: 1993.


MSDB – Vertical Busbar Arrangement


Vertical Busbar Arrangement. Enclosure manufactured in 1.2mm zinc coated steel. Polyester stove enamelled textured paint finished grey to BS381C shade No 632. Suitable for wall mounting.


Accepts BS 88 J type fuse links Ratings 200A/300A/400A/600A Fuse carriers with 83mm or 92mm centres Moulded  in off-white glass filled polyamide Accepts up to 300mm² aluminium or copper conductors.


Heavy Duty




Complies  with  ENA  TS  (Energy  Networks  Association  Technical  Specification)  standard  43-14

Manufactured in strong thermoplastic material with external protection to IP 43 Up to 9 service

cables balanced over three phases protected by polycarbonate covers and tags to screen unused live



Pole Mounted






Complies with BS 7656:1993 Accepts BS (British Standard) 88 J type fuse links having 83mm fixing centre Maximum fuse rating 400A Maximum cable size 300MM².

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